Once you have decided “this is the one” it is time to put it in writing.  We will go over all of the paperwork, don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Negotiation is a complex matter and each transaction is unique.   In my opinion, this is where you can truly see my value as your agent.   Here are some of the things you and I will need to do to write a competitive offer:

  • Review disclosure package provided by the seller.  These documents will tell you a lot about the property you may not have noticed while looking at it.
  • Review the CMA I will provide.  This will help you make a strong offer based on fact not emotion.
  • Decide on offer price and terms, they go hand in hand in any good offer.
  • Decide on earnest money deposit amount.
  • Decide on title company and settlement date.
  • Submit your offer and wait for response.  Understand there may be some back and forth with the seller, this is natural but can be stressful.